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FIFA Club World Cup Qatar 2019™ — The new pearl of club football

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The top of the tops on club football

FIFA Club World Cup™ gathers the winners of each continental football confederation: UEFA Champions League (Europe), AFC Champions League (Asia), CAF Champions League (Africa), CONCACAF Champions League (North America), Copa Libertadores (South America), and OFC Champions League (Oceania), along with the host nation's national champions. They all battle for the world champion title.

In 2019, Qatar hosted the FIFA Club World Cup 2019™, a first of two consecutive editions, 2019 and 2020.


To create a new brand of football excellence and Qatari identity

Each edition has its own brand identity, following a few formal principles, such as the inclusion of the shape of the official trophy.

For 2019, the goal was to portray the idea of a special moment in the sport’s schedule, reflecting the high level of the competing teams. At the same time, this brand would also have to reflect Qatar’s character and identity as the host nation. Qatar at the center of the football world, starting officially in 2019.

Creating an engaging and innovative football brand for a global audience is always a massive challenge. The key was to explore new representations of the game while including the local flavour and keeping it relatable and empathic regarding international fans.

Miguel Viana, Creative Director of Unlock Brands

Combining local heritage with world-class performance

The brand of FIFA Club World Cup 2019™ combines the heritage of Qatar with the celebration of world-class football.

The entire brand universe revisits football visual elements as it reflects a strong association with the Qatari culture, such as the pearl on the top (the first main industry of the country).

Typeface, colours, textures.
All inspired by Qatar.

The typography is proudly inspired by Arabic calligraphy, with the letter “Q” showing a smooth curvilinear element that resembles a calligraphic stroke.
The color scheme reflects the landscape of Doha - the booming capital city - with a main combination of Turquoise (referring to the bay) and Burgundy, the national colour.

The visual universe pays homage to the Mashrabiya, an architectural device that is vastly used throughout Arab culture, serving as an intersection of indoors and outside, providing a cool shade. A symbol of a hospitable and welcoming nation.
The flowing ribbons are a modern reference to the desert - the inspiring stage of potential and development.
A celebration of the birthplace of modern Qatar.

Football at the center

A football at the center point of the emblem reinforces the spirit of achievement as the winner takes the title of Club World Champion. The human elements portray both players and fans, the passionate side of the most played sport in the world.


A symbol of culture and performance, as it underlines the highest international level a football club can achieve.
This brand set the beginning of global football tournaments
in Qatar, attracting fans from every continent.
For football fans worldwide, this was like an emotional buildup to the FIFA World Cup™, to be held in Qatar in 2022.


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