Since 2016.
Before and beyond.

Unlock Brands was founded in 2016.
We’ve been around for quite some years before that, creating multiple branding projects in many places around the world, within different business areas.

At Unlock Brands, we have been busy doing what we love the most: matching business goals with people through brand thinking, which leads to challenging and collaborative works, from corporate identity to sports events branding, from strategic recommendations to packaging design. And much more.

Still, we have the feeling that things are just starting. Digital and tech leaps on a daily basis. Science pushing everything forward. Brands assuming new roles in society, more and more active, less and less conventional. Sustainability as more than a word, citizenship as more than a concept. All this makes us want to never stop.
To build brands that build relevance.
To share it, to rethink it.
To unlock it.


Brand think—ing
for business

Launching which product?
How to differentiate?
Addressing who?

We believe that branding processes facilitate corporate decisions. With a wide and careful look, Brand Thinking provides a different vision over the business, complementing other perspectives that lead to decision-making. Brand Thinking is a new way of analyzing product, service and consumer experience, making way to innovative ideas within each company.

Our methodology

The Unlock® Methodology unlocks value.
It allow us to evaluate, choose, create, engage and implement brands, overcoming the challenges they face throughout their existence.
An extensive set of activities, tools and deliverables guarantees that the critical moments are successfully surpassed.

  • Identify

    To pin point the market behaviors, patterns, trends and codes.
    This is the time to Diverge - identifying scenarios, envisioning steps ahead. And also to Converge - defining the best positioning.
    Defining the intangible platform and recommend what to do.
  • Create

    To apply creativity to strategic thinking. Developing unique brand identity systems, from an idea to an emblem, from a brand architecture to a look & feel, from a tagline to a proprietary speech. Defining the brand foundations and test it in key touchpoints. Creating technical guidelines to systematize behaviors.
  • Involve

    To reach strategic targets, brand touchpoints are mapped, and a communication plan is designed. All creative expertise - design, brand voice, advertising, digital, communication, architecture, product - are inspired by a common storytelling, to create unique communication tools that activate the brand.
  • Deliver

    To move into production, and implementation, to deliver a brand to its audiences. It can be print, digital, 3D, motion, live events or tangible spaces.

Our approach

By working closely with our clients we delve deeply to unlock the best answers. There are several moments where we can contribute.

Our approach
Our approach
We love to be 
in the beginnings.

We love to be
in the beginnings.

Businesses starting fresh or companies needing a reboot. New products to put on shelves or old products that need a second life. Intangible service design guidelines or tangible brand touch points. We believe branding ensures the best results when started at early stages.

We see brands as the new world catalysts.

Well-thought and finely-executed brands have the ability to inspire individuals, boost organizations and improve communities.  This takes time. Real change does not happen without transformation. You can count on us to keep pushing the limits, discovering new places for ideas where meaningful things can arise.

Our obsession is creating value though branding for our clients' business and society. If we are building something together, why make it less than great?