Our team is composed of different kinds of experts, from creative direction to business development, from brand strategy to graphic design, from brand voice to project management.

Most of us have vast experience in branding and communication projects. Those whose experience is not that vast compensate with a proportional enthusiasm and thrill for learning.

In 2016, Miguel, Carlos, José and Jaime decided to create Unlock Brands®, as a new house for a creative culture of business and social value.


  • Miguel Viana

    Miguel Viana

    Co-CEO and Creative Director
    Miguel is a full-circle brand designer.
    He has been developing branding projects all around the world in the past 21 years. His role is often of connecting with the client, envisioning scenarios and dismissing preconceptions, and leading strategy and creative teams to ensure the most efficient solutions.
  • Jaime Costa

    Jaime Costa

    Co-CEO and Business Development Director
    Jaime is a natural entrepreneur. He has been starting business ventures since he finished the Degree in Business & Administration (ISCTE) and THE LISBON MBA at Universidade Nova de Lisboa. His savvy look at organizations and markets helps to find the best angle for each project.
  • Carlos Constantino

    Carlos Constantino

    Head of Identity
    Carlos is a visual storyteller. His extensive work in design encompasses banking, sports, media, hospitality, transportation, industry, and so on. He has the ability to sum up an entire brand plot in a symbol or a visual language, engaging people no matter where they come from.
  • José Cerqueira

    José Cerqueira

    Head of Strategy & Content
    José connects brand strategy and brand voice.
    He believes that every brand should have its own positioning, thus its own way of talking to people.
    This often results in defining brand architectures, naming brands, and services, creating the most efficient messages and tone of voice.

Senior experts with substantive knowledge and experience.
Passionate about what they do.


  • Ana Warrell

    Ana Warrell

    Head Designer
    and Project Manager
  • Pedro Santos

    Pedro Santos

    Head Designer
    and Project Manager
  • Patrícia Lontrão

    Patrícia Lontrão

    Client & Project
  • Sofia Marques

    Sofia Marques

    Client & Project Management
  • Vasco Cotta

    Vasco Cotta

    Head Designer
  • Ana Costa Dias

    Ana Costa Dias

    Senior Strategist
  • Bruno Andrez

    Bruno Andrez

    Senior Designer
  • Vasco Durão

    Vasco Durão

    Brand Strategist & Brand Voice
  • Maria Bessa

    Maria Bessa

    Graphic Designer
  • Ricardo Nunes

    Ricardo Nunes

    Graphic Designer
  • Luís Gaspar

    Luís Gaspar

    Finance and Administration


We work with some amazingly talented people and organizations when it comes to adding extra abilities to the development of some projects. We are thrilled to have such a network of friends.