Atlantic Corridor — A brand on track

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European freight connection

The promotion of rail freight transportation in Europe has led to the creation of a network of 11 corridors involving a broad range of players, committed to increasing the competitiveness of European rail freight transport with its partners.

The Atlantic Corridor works as an international coordination platform for one of these corridors that connects Portugal, Spain, France, and Germany. Collaboration and coordination among different stakeholders in different countries emerge as a key aspect to keep everyone on track and to attain the desired goal: More Capacity; Higher Performance; Better Information.


A Corridor of opportunity

Creating a seamless flow between 4 different national freight systems, with different protocols and track gauge standards is a huge mission on its own. Unlock’s challenge was to increase performance on the brand communication aspect of this consortium.

Bringing all the promoters and stakeholders on track implied the creation of a new communication universe able to build awareness and advocacy for rail freight transportation of this particular geography.

Redefining the Atlantic Corridor website and newsletter, as key frameworks for collaboration and information, was a crucial task to achieve a seamless and clearer perception of the Atlantic Corridor brand.

Different countries, diverse teams, a focus on track. The Atlantic Corridor brand needed to express itself in a more consistent way while enhancing dialogue and cooperation among its wide universe of different stakeholders.

Ana Costa Dias, Senior Strategist at Unlock Brands

A brand to power and empower

The communication of the brand needed to reflect the mission of the consortium: more capacity to engage and involve, higher performance, optimised by better information.

Understanding the scope of needs and, functions of the AC website and newsletter’s - the brand’s main channels - as well as systematising the singular essence that differentiates the Atlantic Corridor from their “sister” rail freight corridors brands, were the priority tasks to perform.

We then created an optimised creative flow from what the Atlantic Corridor brand already entailed and transported it into a new Visual Language, Information Hierarchy, and Verbal personality.

Performance on Track

“Performance on track” became the directive for our intervention - a commitment to agility and optimised interaction that aims to impact all the brand’s touchpoints.
Inspired by the brand promise of transparency, performance enhancement, and fluidity, we reorganised and renamed the menus to create a more intuitive and helpful navigation.

We created a tone of voice expressing the Atlantic Corridor brand personality, elevating it as a first enabler of trust and relation, as well as an ownable brand visual and graphic system, bridging the logo to the visual language, guaranteeing a unified brand recognition, in a fluid and coherent way.

The typeface went trough a slight upgrade into a Google font to allow a more agile and coherent digital presence.

The universe of solution created the basis for online and offline consolidation of presence allowing the brand communication to lead the way by example, inspiring an overall sense of optimised performance, clarity, and reliability.


The Atlantic Corridor has achieved a new territory of expression and strength.
The new website is more intuitive, rich, and action-driven.
The newsletter, more clear, engaging, and fluid.
The brand, more consistent and expressive.


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