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Bettery —
Science-based, brand-powered

This is a pro—ject about
  • — Market and Consumer Analysis
  • — Strategic Recommendations
  • — Corporate Identity
  • — Brand Design
  • — Brand Architecture
  • — Naming and Brand Voice
  • — Brand Communication
  • — Space Branding
  • — Packaging Design

From muscle building to life fulfillment

For many years, the supplementation market was all about building muscle, increasing strength, and powering endurance. All focused on the physical aspect of the individual, mostly targeting gyms’ hardcore users. In the most recent years, the market stretched beyond its traditional limits, as people started to incorporate both mind and body as natural dimensions of their goals. These goals also diversified, going from pure physical performance to mental balance or simply sleeping better.


To create a brand that resonates with all kinds of performances

The reason people use supplements is that they believe in these products‘ power to support them on their journey.
Given that these journeys are more and more customized, Bettery started its own journey by applying a very good differentiator: Science. These products, with proven effects on humans, would be the ideal sidekicks on the different individual evolutions. Science-based supplements (and even more, plant-based!) are quite an exception in this market, where placebo-like solutions are ubiquitous.

A brand to help people on their road to fulfillment. This was the main goal of the project. Bettery brand was designed to empower the company’s purpose, making it visible, relatable, and actionable - starting with the name itself.

José Cerqueira, Head of Strategy & Content at Unlock Brands

“Bettery” starts (and ends) with better

After going through an immersive phase of interviews with different stakeholders (both from inside and outside the company) and delivering the strategic recommendations’ block of work, the creative development started with the naming. A new way of portraying a concept that every person incorporates on her/his path. Given the company’s product portfolio, ranging from nutrition to wellness and personal empowerment, customers’ sought-after “better version” could be quite diverse. A better stage or a better result would always be part of the equation. Thus, Bettery. The everyday brand to charge better selves.

Visual impact in a sophisticated way. This was the thread we pursued with the Client to create a distinctive visual identity, in an ultra-competitive market. A bold custom-made type, striking colors, and straightforward visuals.

Carlos Constantino, Head of Identity at Unlock Brands

A lean and powerful visual identity

Being a premium brand, Bettery would also mean sophistication and uniqueness. A custom-designed typeface, as well as a carefully chosen color palette, contributed to giving Bettery an ownable character.

There is no greater example of this personality than Bettery’s packaging. Each product states its main argument on the name (for better sleep, for better recovery, and so on), with the logotype vertically positioned to ensure immediate recognition. The packaging work was extensive, encompassing different formats such as bars, boxes, pouches, and pill jars. All sharing the same principle of great visibility on the shelf.

Starting an infinite journey

The launch film for Bettery is all about creating empathy with the multiple “selfs” searching for a better version. From the formulas designed at the Bettery Life Lab to each day’s routine, it’s about making choices toward a better life. Bettery brand encourages all people to pursue this, every day of the journey.


Although Bettery brand is still taking its first steps, it is already a meaningful player in its market, namely by attracting power ambassadors, such as the 2020 Tokyo Olympics triple jump silver medalist Patrícia Mamona.
The online community has been growing steadily.
E-commerce and brick&mortar are also boosting, with new partnerships coming.


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