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Borgstena — 
From fabric supplier to mobility player

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  • — Brand Design
  • — Brand Architecture
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  • — Brand Communication
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A new cycle ahead

In 2017, Borgstena was acquired by the Korean group Dual, a significant player in the automotive industry, and an expert in seats, fabrics, and airbags. This marked a new cycle for Borgstena company, founded in 1925, in Sweden. The Scandinavian design legacy proved to be a strong asset for the brand’s perception.

The integration with Dual brought diversity and new customers to the business while reinforcing skills, capacity, and know-how.

The mobility market was also changing.
More and more partnerships between tech companies and automotive players, redefining the driving and mobility experience, reshaping it into living, full-scope experiences. Integrating materials, and technologies, so the overall result is beyond just a car seat or a console, and more like a living atmosphere people want to be in.


Shifting for a more efficient brand perception

The goal was to find the best way to integrate the tangible and the intangible value associated with Borgstena brand in the Dual brand ecosystem while projecting Borgstena’s proposition to the market. Repositioning Borgstena from an automotive seat fabric maker to an expert in mobility environments. A partner for in-vehicle mobility experiences.


A new brand system for a new future

The project started with an immersive audit together with key people at Borgstena and Dual Group. The brand architecture was redesigned according to business goals, promoting the different areas that compose Borgstena’s value chain. The relationship between Borgstena and Dual Group was also defined, regarding external perception. Every touchpoint would be Borgstena, proudly endorsed by Dual Group.

The Cocoon concept

Inspired by the “Cocoon” concept (taken from the improved in-vehicle experience) and by the fabric threads, a brand new identity system was created.

A new wordmark

A new wordmark now shows a revisited Borgstena. More modern, combining contemporary elegance with futuristic ambition. “Threading to the new mobility” was the brand tagline created, reinforcing the new positioning.

As a company, Borgstena had all it takes to be a solid player in the mobility sector - design heritage, production skills, geographical presence, and being part of a strong group. The branding process and the work developed provided Borgstena with a brand and communication system ready to tackle the ever-moving challenges of the industry, now as a clear expert in in-vehicle experience.

Vasco Cotta, Senior Graphic Designer at Unlock Brands

The branding project also included product naming structure, pictogram system, typography, and communication key visuals.


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