A-to-Be — A new brand for a new mobility experience

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A new move to reach new markets

Brisa, the largest private road operator in Portugal, created and managed its own unit of research and technology, Brisa Inovação e Tecnologia (BIT), the (endorsed) brand standing for unique innovation expertise and a strong pipeline of innovative mobility products.

With the evolution of the mobility market and the surge of a new range of mobility models expanding consumer options, Brisa understood that the opportunity to leverage BIT knowledge and expertise and to address new markets and needs had come.

In 2016, Brisa redefined its commercial strategy and made a spin-off of its research and innovation business unit that already stood out in both national and international markets. The goal was to affirm the full potential of this area of delivery, on its own, rather than keeping it endorsed and managed under its parent company (Brisa), and mainly associated with road operating, (rather than to mobility as a service global concept).


A brand for a new mobility paradigm

The challenge was to create a new brand that not only assumed a new cycle of business and corporate strategy, but also a new vision: to be an enabler of outstanding mobility experiences. The new brand should then represent the new mobility paradigm and concept: offer travellers mobility solutions based on their travel needs no matter the transportation model, and address new markets and segments.

Leaving the parent brand “comfort zone” and moving autonomously to a global market, offering breakthrough Intelligent Transport and Mobility Solutions inspired us to move forward and define a highly symbolic and disruptive branding approach.

Ana Costa Dias, Senior Strategist at Unlock Brands

A full audit as the best starting point

An in-depth workshop with the main company stakeholders was the beginning of an extensive journey. Learning about existing business models and future market opportunities, involving all areas and departments, reaching conclusions on the best approach in terms of brand architecture and portfolio segmentation.

A brand ecosystem made to deliver

The new brand had to be either conceptually innovative - representing the ”Mobility-as-a-Service” concept and offering an exclusive product portfolio in ITMS (Intelligent Transport & Mobility Systems/Solutions), open and relational, to address different needs and different market segments, in different geographies.

A new identity for a new mobility

The visual identity universe created communicates and reinforces the values of rigour, modernity, knowledge, and flexibility. A versatile colour palette and a comprehensive pictogram family added the must-needed modernity and simplicity. Precisely as mobility should be.

The visual approach of A-to-Be’s natural environment - the city and its travellers - was created from scratch, providing a fresh and versatile communication style, extending from print to digital.

A new product architecture

The brand portfolio architecture was a key issue to solve due to the need of structuring it around mobility product suites enabling the flexible delivery either of a single product or distinctive sub-groups, depending on the client profile and needs. Inspired by the brand visual identity universe, a distinctive symbology was created, segmenting tree main product suites: A-to-Be MoveBeyond, A-to-Be LinkBeyond, and A-to-Be Atlas.

A brand new custom typeface

With an assumed curvilinear and organic shape, A-to-Type was designed to reinforce the positioning of the brand as a synonym of fluidity with a contemporary feel.

From A-to-Be to the world

The company‘s revamped portfolio and its desired global reach required the creation of critical communication moments and touchpoints to share the new brand in a catching way.

The official launch took place in London, 2016, during the MaaS event, with a special highlight going to the brand film - “The improved daily journey of a human called John”.

Internal launching, full website design and development, A-to-Be offices’ decoration, exhibition stands in different events, conferences, exhibitions were all critical dimensions to position A-to-Be brand relevance as additional steps of the brand journey we helped to make a reality.


A-to-Be has positioned itself firmly in the mobility market, being recognised as a partner of reference and an innovative expert and provider of best-in-class.
The business achievements in new geographies, such as the US market, are a good example of this progress.


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