50x2 —
50 years of April 25th,
50 years of Democracy

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Celebrating, X2

On April 25th, 2024, Portugal will celebrate twice: the 50th anniversary of the Portuguese Carnation Revolution and the 50th anniversary of the Portuguese Democracy. March the 24th of 2022, marks the day that for the first time, in its almost 900 years of History, Portugal has lived longer in a democracy than in a dictatorship. From 2022 until 2024, and beyond, Portugal is acknowledging this historical occasion engaging all generations in a multi-layered program that looks back to remember what was achieved and looks forward to facing the challenges that still lie ahead.


How to make this an inclusive and open platform?

The challenge was clear but with a strong emotional charge, and an even stronger responsibility: to create a brand that demonstrates Portugal is celebrating twice (50 years of the Revolution and 50 years of Democracy), including all political factions and ideologies in the celebration.


An evolving system

Inspired by the imagery of the posters and the murals that defined the plural and democratic political communication in the aftermath of the 1974 Revolution, and enhancing the relevance of politics in those days, and to this day, more than a brand we created a system that constantly evolves, like democracy, into a full of potential graphic and verbal language.

50X2 = 50 years of the Revolution and 50 years of Democracy.
An icon of the multiple and plural possibilities democracy has granted us.
A statement that in a democracy what multiplies us is stronger than what divides us.
The X as a multiplier of the democratic effect and as a symbol of the universal vote, one of the greatest achievements of the 25th of April.

Our starting point was the premise: what if, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 25th of April and Democracy, we could manage to create an identity that unites all Portuguese and with which everyone can identify? An identity that respects all identities, trends, and ideologies of these 50 years of Democracy, and projects the celebration of the 25th of April Revolution towards a more plural, integrative, and inclusive future.

Vasco Durão, Brand Strategist and Brand Voice at Unlock Brands

A launch with national coverage

50X2 was launched at a national official event on March the 24th of 2022, the day since when Portugal has lived more time in a democracy than in a dictatorship. Besides the brand and the graphic/verbal language, a movie was created to tell the story of a country that has been postponed for many years, held hostage by a dictatorship, and an unjust and useless war. Imprisoned by censorship, without a free voice and freedom of speech. On April 25, 1974, this country that is Portugal took to the streets and made a revolution that united the power of the Armed Forces Movement and the joy of the people. The rest is the Portuguese History of the last 50 years, with many more democratic years ahead.


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