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The Best FIFA Football Awards —
Greatness in numbers

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A new cycle for FIFA, a new way to celebrate football’s finest

In 2016, FIFA decided to create a brand new gala to distinguish the world’s best in football. Players and coaches would be selected by their peers (national coaches of FIFA Member Associations, their team captains), a select group of media from these countries, and, for the first time ever, fans - this last voting party as something that set this event even more apart from other ones, namely the Ballon d’Or. The Best FIFA Football Awards was the name for this all-new event.


The best demands the best

The brand of The Best FIFA Football Awards had its bar raised high, even before it was created. The naming said it all - this would crown the top of the tops, football-wise. So the brand should follow this path. The question was: how to create a brand that stands out from all other events/galas/ceremonies, where gold is the rule?

The visual identity developed for The Best FIFA Football Awards is an homage to the beautiful game’s legacy and to the role of the main artists - the players. A contemporary way of celebrating the memories (past and new to come) only football can produce. Numbers become words, just as players’ jerseys become legends.

Miguel Viana, Creative Director of Unlock Brands

More than just numbers

This brand is about numbering legacy. FIFA is a synonym for football history and it can be also a symbol of its future. The brand of The Best FIFA Football Awards was inspired by the power and passion of football figures that are on every fan’s preferred 11. We all have a beloved 10, a favored 6, or a chosen 7. Special numbers became legendary as they were worn by true football myths.

A b0ld, n3w L0g0typ3

The logotype has numbers playing the role of letters, designing platinum THE BEST, as the ultimate award in the most played sport in the world. A special 3D trophy for the best football fans was also part of the development. Apart from paying a tribute to the historic figures of football, the brand states The Best FIFA Football Awards as a true inspiration for upcoming players, coaches, and fans. As football has shown us many times before, everyone can become a legend on her or his own, creating new meanings for these mythic numbers.


The best keep evolving

Since 2016, The Best FIFA Football Awards kept growing its relevance and evolving its format, with more categories being added. The brand universe has proved to be flexible by easily adjusting to the new content, powered by an endless potential in terms of motion and broadcast design solutions.


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