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JAT Center — Branding the town's new epicenter

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A new epicenter of city life

The JAT is a true landmark in the city of Maputo. As a choice from large companies such as Vodacom, Moza Bank, and Millenium BIM Bank, it is recognized by its set of modern office buildings, with standards of construction, maintenance and service far above the average in Mozambique’s capital city.

Based on the image built over the last 18 years, the JAT decided that this was the moment to complement and expand its offer. Establishing the area as a reference point to work and socialize, adding more leisure and convenience services. Which, of course, would increase the real estate value.


Setting a destination through branding

It was necessary to create an aggregating brand concept in order to communicate JAT as a mandatory point in Maputo for a more demanding public.

And, in its manifold manifestations, to create a visual identity system that encompassed the new facilities ​​of this urban complex: an exclusive shopping center, a sophisticated health club & spa, and a modern nursery.

The major challenge was to create a destination concept that combined business, commercial, leisure, and well-being, within the scope ​​of a new urban centrality.

Miguel Viana, Creative Director of Unlock Brands

A versatile new brand architecture

It all started with an analysis of the existing offer in Maputo and, in particular, at the JAT.
We identified a previous concentration of quality office spaces, but it was necessary to communicate the new facilities through a new brand and aggregating communication.

The JAT Center brand was created to take advantage of JAT's notoriety and to reinforce the idea of ​​a new driver from New Maputo downtown.

At the same time, it was necessary to introduce a family of brands for the new facilities. A brand architecture capable of expressing the value proposition of each of these units.

So the brands for City Mall (shopping mall), Luxcorpus (health club & spa), and Xilling Baby (nursery) were born.
All four brands sharing the concept of a new meeting space, exclusive in Maputo, yet stating their individual value.

JAT Center, the brand of the new Maputo

This brand highlighted the fact that this was the new destination in town everyone needed to discover. To do the shopping, to balance body and soul, to provide all the care to the little ones.
So the visual solution is all about sophistication, modernity, and centrality. This idea of convergence would inspire all brands of the ecosystem.

The signage and wayfinding developed for the complex reinforced this concept of having a perimeter of exclusiveness and well-being.

City Mall, the brand of perfect convenience

Being the commercial area and benefiting from the convenient address, City Mall brand followed the visual principle of the JAT brand, focusing on location. With an “X” marking just that.
The colour scheme also stated the belonging to the same universe, while adding new and vibrant tones.

The tagline “Meet the exclusive”, along with the descriptive “Nova Baixa” (New Downtown), made clear that this was the spot to be when being in Maputo.

Luxcorpus, the brand of balance

Within all the bursting life of such a city center, Luxcorpus was intended to be a safe haven, where one could relax and restart. The brand visual identity reflects this harmony, highlighted by the human symbol, capturing the symmetry of a unique body position.

The graphic textures and the chromatic palette helped to provide the ideal atmosphere for the ultimate well-being experience.

Xilling Baby, the brand to nurture

The approach used for developing this brand combined two goals: to make it part of the major brand universe and to connect with a specific audience, mainly focused on the safety and comfort of their children.

The Xilling Baby brand contains also an “X”, as its sister brands. Yet, with unique aesthetics. Fun, welcoming, young, as any contemporary nursery should be.
An attitude that can be also found in the colours used.

Unlock moment

By creating the concept "The New Maputo downtown", the new centrality that JAT provided was potentiated. It raised the bar for all the following brand assets, from brand identity to tone voice and interior design.

The new brand would be a symbol of the comprehensive refurbishment of this part of the city.


A brand architecture work that demanded us to use different tools in an integrated way: strategic recommendations, naming and brand voice, graphic design, interior design, and communication.

Pedro Santos, Head Designer at Unlock Brands

JAT has gained new momentum, taking off from its traditional image of a business center, to become a central point in the city for work, shopping, wandering, or relax, every day.


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