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A vision and a starting moment

It all began in 1981 with Cork Supply company and
the commercialisation of cork closures targeting the US market, along with a bold and inspiring vision: to supply premium quality natural corks for the world’s finest wines.

Since then, Cork Supply business has gone through major evolution milestones: business diversification, more products, a wider presence in the winemaking value chain, an evolving business model (from seller to producer and distributor), geographic expansion and brand portfolio
enlargement - from 1 brand to 16 brands altogether.


A new name to unify and clarify

Urged by the need to identify a group that owned and powered the portfolio of companies, Cork Supply Group was the name at hand that accomplished the need, rather than a name that communicated the Group expertise, longevity
and the unique world of wines and spirits.
This name was also not reflecting the growing product portfolio that included oak barrels and wine bottle labels.

The ultimate challenge was to bring clarity to the real value and expertise of the Group, empowering a sense of group and as well as defining the right brand architecture scenario in order to convey the uniqueness and value of expertise of its vertical brands.
A new name for the group was required. A new brand to propel the group forward.

Cork Supply Group brand truly needed to leverage its brand universe; it was not revealing the Group´s essence and dimension nor its areas of expertise, critical aspects when embracing business growth and consolidation.

Ana Costa Dias, Senior Strategist at Unlock Brands

A full audit with the right people

The rebranding project development ran through a
comprehensive methodology, accomplishing key different phases while assuring leadership involvement and a truly collaborative approach - different collaborators and clients from different product lines, in different countries and regions.

This provided valuable inputs that highlighted the fact that the brand of the group had to change and inspire a new business chapter.

1981. Much more than a number.

The new name was created to celebrate the moment where it all started. 1981, the birth year of Cork Supply, the group’s first company and the one that would set the tone for the following decades of business savvy growth. The beginning of a culture of excellence and commitment to clients’ needs and surpassing their expectations. A common ground to all the companies and brands of the group.
Harv 81 Group stands for that vision. “Harv”, as in “harvest”, underlining this year as a very special moment.

The new brand tagline “Experts in Closures, Oak and Labels” reinforces the positioning of the group and its unique knowledge within the value chain in the winemaking industry.

A matching visual identity

The new visual identity of Harv 81 Group is all about elegance and expertise.
The logotype combines the stencil technique - often seen on a wine or spirits barrel - with a balanced use of curves and straight lines.
The main colours are Purple and Salmon. A combination of a winemaking reference with a warm, human approach.

A set of icons was developed to add more meaning and texture to the brand communication universe. Knowledge, partnership, research, oak, grapes, barrels, among others, can be traced in the graphic device created by using the custom icons.

The sub-brands endorsement was also an important part of the project. Bringing more clarity to the relationship between the group and its companies.


Harv 81 Group brand has already started to fulfill its mission by aligning all internal stakeholders regarding the following years and serving as a robust and focused umbrella for its expert sub-brands.


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