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Izidoro —
A reborn brand, from the origins

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A not so vibrant shelf

The food industry has changed severely in the last decades. Namely in recent years, with all the demanding from consumers about quality, traceability, fair trade, just to name a few of the issues.
The Portuguese meat market was not that vibrant, with big and smaller companies playing by the same rule book, regarding product, brand and, packaging.
Besides being a Portuguese classic in the processed meat sector - either by its ham or canned sausages - Izidoro was suffering from long-lasting distance regarding consumers, not communicating enough neither being present in all major supermarkets.


Making the brand relevant again

Izidoro approached us in order to revamp the packaging design of its most important product lines.
After a consumer survey and an internal brand audit, it became clear that this was more than a packaging issue. It was a brand challenge.

Izidoro brand was not reflecting the company’s innovation culture. It lacked a valuable connection with the consumer and the latest trends. It needed a comprehensive change.

Miguel Viana, Creative Director of Unlock Brands

Going back to the origins

It started with a process of analysis and strategic recommendations involving all main areas of the company (Innovation, Sales, Quality, Nutrition) and a consumer study carried out by Izidoro’s Marketing team.

The UNLOCK moment

We identified an absolutely differentiating argument: Izidoro was present from “field to fork”, that is, from animal breeding to consumers’ meals. For a brand normally associated with processed products, this attribute could be a decisive one, before a consumer who is more and more demanding with regards to the origin of food, more conscious about its quality. If Izidoro produced fresh meat, then that would have to be part of the new brand's recipe. For all the extensive knowledge and quality assurance that this meant. And also because it was a really distinctive factor regarding the competition.

Breeding animals as the origin

The new brand tagline “Somos Criadores” (We are Breeders) proudly sums this point. A verbal seal of quality that benefits the perception of all Izidoro’s products.

Overall, the visual identity is relaxed, fun, not taking itself too seriously. Yet it is admittedly disruptive in a sector of little differentiation. With a discursive style, the new logotype is based on a typographic structure, visible in the new packaging - the brand talking to consumers, right from the packaging. The brand colour is now definitely red, in a reassuring way.

The brand architecture was fully revisited. Identifying the different product segments, three new categories were named after the founder’s name, Izidoro. So Izidoro, o Talhante (the Butcher), Izidoro, o Charcuteiro (the Delicatessen Master) and Izidoro, o Merceeiro (the Grocer), are part of the brand’s speech and all its packaging.

A comprehensively new packaging

Izidoro packaging went through a complete makeover.
The design encompassed nearly 200 SKUs, including fresh meat, prepared meals, cold cuts, sausages, and ready meals.
The new packaging concept was also deployed in innovative product lines, such as high protein and low kcal.

The solution at the beginning

To serve the new Izidoro to the public, a TV and online campaign was created, with a bold and intriguing film. This film underlines the presence of Izidoro from fork to plate, with a curious angle: food is increasingly scrutinized by people, analyzed, compared to the millimeter. So Izidoro foods decided to seek the help of a specialist: a Psychologist. They then realize that their origin is the best answer to their issues. Knowing where they come from, Izidoro foods can rest assure about themselves and about their future too.

Brand Izidoro is now unassumingly updated, aligned with people’s needs, thus more relevant when decisions on what to eat are in order. Once a sleeping giant, Izidoro is now wide-awake with a refreshed appetite for the future.

José Cerqueira, Head of Content at Unlock Brands

Despite its more than 100 years, Izidoro is now cooler than ever, contributing to the modernization of its market category. As a new icon in the Portuguese food sector, that accounts for a production value of around €1 billion per year. Closer to consumer trends and proud of its vast know-how and relaxed personality, key ingredients that can be found in both packaging and communication.

We are very proud of the work we have developed together with Unlock in building a new identity, positioning and architecture that differentiate the brand, challenge the personality standards of the category and that will certainly allow the brand to recruit new consumers, establishing stronger emotional bonds.

Marco Andrade, Marketing Director at Izidoro


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