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A revamped circuit. A refreshed ambition.

Lusail International Circuit (LIC) was already a world-class motorsports venue, hosting some of the most exciting races in the world. The track features long straightaways, tight corners, and elevation changes, making it one of the most challenging circuits in the world. Finishing in 2023, a complete refurbishment of the circuit’s complex took place, creating improved areas and new spaces for other usages beyond motorsports.

With a challenging layout and cutting-edge technology (including energy-efficient lighting, a state-of-the-art pit lane, and a modern medical center), the circuit was sure to provide unforgettable experiences for drivers, teams, and fans alike.

In addition to race events, the circuit would become an integrated Motorsports Park, including exciting activities such as diversified driving experiences, food festivals, and live music events, that are meant to appeal to a wider audience (B2B and B2C).


Adding Entertainment, focusing on Motorsports, honouring Culture

To highlight the circuit’s new cycle, a new brand was required. The new brand identity would have to combine three main ingredients: a clear focus on Motorsports (as this will always be the core), Entertainment, as a new dimension of the complex’s portfolio of experiences, and Culture - making sure Qatar’s legacy was felt within the brand universe.

Although motorsports in Qatar and Lusail International Circuit were already success stories, the goal was to build a stronger, more distinct, and vibrant circuit brand. A brand capable of leveraging the circuit itself and both the Qatar motorsport sector and the tourism sector, not forgetting the nation's brand awareness.

A new brand identity to mark a new cycle of the journey and to affirm its value proposition in the motorsports sector worldwide and regionally, aiming to present a fresh take regarding the global circuit‘s branding scene.

The high-speed movements of cars and bikes racing at night were truly inspiring in the rebranding of Lusail International Circuit, bringing a sense of both flow and precision. A combination of emotion and reason, of passion and technology. Integrating the cultural dimension from Qatar allowed to create an ownable, quite characteristic visual system.

Vasco Cotta, Senior Graphic Designer at Unlock Brands

A fast-paced visual system


An exclusive logotype was designed for Lusail International Circuit. Vehicles’ aerodynamic surfaces designed to guarantee performance and competitiveness have inspired the logotype. A bold wordmark designed by aerodynamics (curved empty spaces and horizontal lines) as well as by the airflow (organic curves), and by speed (horizontal strokes moving to the left).

A powerful mix that highlights the maximum competitiveness this racetrack has to offer. While the colour scheme perfectly embodies the Motorsports sector, the contemporary and humanistic typeface ensures distinctiveness and singularity to the brand.

Integrating culture and motorsport and creating something new was a challenge that captivated us from the beginning of the project. The fact that the Lusail Circuit is one of the most anticipated on the world calendar required an emotional dimension to the new brand, tempered with the identity of the place.

Miguel Viana, Co-CEO and Chief Creative Officer of Unlock Brands

A flexible and contemporary official look

The Official Look of the Lusail International Circuit Brand is composed by different groups, depending on the content portrayed: Motorsports (permanent), Motorsports (agenda-based), and Entertainment. The Speed Grid is a fundamental asset of this Official Look. It provides a proprietary sense of speed to communication materials while paying homage to the cultural legacy of Lusail and Qatar. Combining motorsports and culture, the Speed Grid makes every layout truly ownable and distinctive. The Track Flow is another essential asset. It is designed with the same visual language as the Speed Grid and its purpose is to highlight the track’s unique layout.

At the speed of lights

The brand manifesto encapsulates the vision and attitude of the brand, while the tagline "at the speed of lights" encompasses everything and inspires everyone - from staff to partners - to deliver unforgettable experiences.

The tagline uses the metaphor of “speed of light" to link to the fact that LIC’s main races occur during the night and that this creates a unique atmosphere of excitement and magic, thus combining the night illumination and the high speed of the vehicles.

Lusail Speed Fest

The first sub-brand

The first expansion of the newly created identity system of Lusail International Circuit was the work developed for the Lusail Speed Fest.
This motorsports mega-event would aggregate MotoGP, WEC, and Classics, along with lots of entertainment for everyone. Hosted by Lusail International Circuit yet with its own identity.
Inspired by the design grid of the umbrella brand, a versatile new system was created to allow the branding and communication dimensions of the 11-day event.
The graphic elements gained a new expression, the colours were given a new hierarchy, and new holding shapes were created.
A bold, exciting, new addition to the brand ecosystem of Lusail International Circuit.


Lusail International Circuit continues on its path to becoming one of the most anticipated racing moments in the motorsports calendar, be it in cars or bikes. The brand universe has already expanded to new dimensions, such as the visual identity of the Lusail Speed Fest, helping to increase the circuit’s visibility both in Qatar and abroad.


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