MOZA Banco — Building a brand, branding the building

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  • — Market and Consumer Analysis
  • — Strategic Recommendations
  • — Brand Design
  • — Corporate Identity
  • — Naming and Brand Voice
  • — Brand Communication
  • — Digital Experience
  • — Space Branding
  • — Advertising
  • — Internal Communication
  • — Signage and Wayfinding

A new address for a new chapter in the bank’s life

After a capital increase procedure and subsequent financial stabilization, Moza Banco set out an ambitious expansion and modernization project to consolidate its position as a universal retail bank in Mozambique, with a strong focus on relationship banking.

This important step was accompanied by the move to a new headquarters in Maputo, at the JAT Center, a newly created business quarter.


Branding the headquarters to express Moza’s ambition

The goal was to make the new headquarters building the mirror of Moza’s ambition while motivating all its employees. At the same time, the message of being a bank focused on client value was assumed as a priority.

This evolution was to be accomplished from inside out. Including an office decoration and the way that the bank presented itself to the public, either on the main façade or at the counters.

The ability to work, from scratch, the communication of a large corporate space, required mastering different disciplines and tools, from architecture to interior design, from signage to brand voice.

Miguel Viana, Creative Director of Unlock Brands

A new visual language, filled with meaning

Following an exhaustive survey, a visual and verbal concept was created based on the idea that Moza was a bank that invested heavily in the relationship with all the stakeholders, clients in particular.

Graphically, a new typeface was adopted, more integrated with the Moza logo, reinforcing its personality and improving readability.

A system of geometric elements (inspired by the brand identity) was designed. Representing concepts such as movement, rigor, diversity, and relation. Applied on the façade (​​70x12 meters) and inside its 11 floors.

A signage system was also created, which implied the design of iconography/pictograms and the corresponding supports.

In order to show that Moza Bank had a deep relationship with Mozambique’s population (the majority of shares of national capital and branches in all provinces and major cities), panels have been developed alluding to a central theme in the country's culture - the national traditional dances.

Defining the messages to inspire all of the bank’s talent

In relation to brand speech, the 8 values ​​defended by Moza were highlighted in different messages, as a way to remind all employees of the basic principles to foster a closer relationship and a humanized banking.

An improved banking experience

Particular attention was given to shop experience (ground floor) on the making of the two branches (retail and corporate). Envisioning a "Flagship store" concept.

At the storefront, a panel of led arrow-shaped displays (one of the elements of the new visual language) was placed for dynamic content exhibition in an innovative environment of digital communication.

Led lights were used and the volumetry of shapes was worked to portray a modern and technologically advanced space, perfectly integrated with the massive façade.


Unlock's intervention added a unique dimension to Moza’s new headquarters: from the interior to the façade, the whole building communicates Moza’s brand, its values, ​​and it positioning.

In the modern and functional architecture of this urban office center, this building became an example of a corporate brand with a strong personality, engaging all people, behind and in front of the counter.

Like Moza Banco has built its new headquarters, we also had the chance to build a solid brand statement, through communication and high visibility, all integrated and consistent with the business strategy.

Pedro Santos, Head Designer at Unlock Brands


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