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  • — Strategic Recommendations
  • — Corporate Identity
  • — Brand Design
  • — Brand Architecture
  • — Naming and Brand Voice
  • — Brand Communication

New times, new news

O Jornal Económico, one of Portugal’s leading Economic News Outlets completed its previous business and brand cycle and started thinking about new opportunities, new goals, and their challenges. The new cycle demands diversity in the offer, wider technological reach, and a strong and clear presence across a multimedia platform. The Broadsheet days are over and a contemporary news brand requests a new approach.


Transformation as a drive for relation

The world is visibly changing and so is the Information market. It’s not just about informing - a News brand is about empowering the reader with knowledge. And that means being where the reader is in the format the reader needs and creating the information experience that the reader craves. So the challenge was not preparing the OJE brand for the transformation of the market but making its own brand about transformation.


A modular container of information

That is how you can technically describe the design purpose of a newspaper grid system. To prepare O Jornal Económico for a consistent presence and relevance in a multi-format, multi-platform information experience we applied to the brand identity design the same modular mind frame of the classic newspaper editorial layout to create an identity that contains in itself a graphic language that transforms and adapts to empower its future and its stakeholders with knowledge.

A logo made of information modules that transforms into a modular language.

This project was a real example of how a brand visual solution can be much more than just a logo. In this case, it is a system where all information is structured and shared, always engaging the audience.

Vasco Cotta, Senior Graphic Designer at Unlock Brands


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