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Prow Group — Sailing on the winds of change

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From a nautical store to a business group

In its 20-year journey, Companhia Náutica has gone from being a classic nautical store to embrace other related areas such as sail repairs, workshops, internships and training, coaching services, consulting and organization of sports events. This transformation included the management of one of the most appraised training centers for the practice of competitive sailing: the Vilamoura Sailing.


More than a local leader

As the evolution of the nautical business required professionalism and specialization, leading to a business internationalization, it was time to rethink the entire brand architecture. Framed by a group structure, all the units were to be revisited, from naming to logotype. This would include Companhia Náutica (the store), Vilamoura Sailing (the training center), and Capable Planet (the club). A new brand architecture was in order to establish a logical and coherent structure between different brands while building a brand strategy for this new group.

The graphic symbols within the sailing context are often very similar, applied in a quite direct and obvious way. What we did was an update of these symbols, inspired by the Prow Group positioning and its passion for technical performance. Geometry was the base to expand the visual universe. On top of this, being a sailing lover, this project was all about motivation and enthusiasm.

Vasco Cotta, Senior Designer at Unlock Brands

Naming the expertise in sailing

A name for the Group was created to highlight its vast knowledge in sailing and celebrate optimism, performance, and innovation. So Prow Group was born. Besides literally meaning “boat front”, the word Prow was injected with a new essence: promising wings. A symbol of positiveness and perfect conditions to sail. After auditing the existing portfolio, a hybrid brand architecture was developed. The monolithic solution was chosen for Prow Group and Prow (the new entity of Competitive Sailing Design and Management) - using the same symbol for both logos. The endorsed solution, with the corresponding descriptors, was applied to Companhia Náutica (a brand of Prow Group) and Vilamoura Sailing (designed and managed by Prow). Respecting the value proposition of each unit, the relation between them was made clear.

The UNLOCK moment

The visual solutions for all brands state their belonging to the same universe. To achieve that, all the logos were created using the same root - a living structure that served as a guide to accomplish different visual solutions, while still scoring as a unified group. 
A brand ecosystem developed by a visual DNA generator.

Revisiting the codes to make new ones

In a nautical world with well-established graphic codes, the new design approach added a modern expression that conveys a high-tech visual language, rigor-based and performance-inspired, using minimal lines, refined shapes, and strong colors. Always respecting the sport’s codes (mainly conservative) and sense of exclusivity. Among the three symbols created, there is a common language made of geometric shapes inspired by the team’s precision and by navigation elements.

A statement of delivery

“Designing Sailing Destinations” was the brand tagline developed for the Prow Group, as it presented the global result of the group’s endeavors - by creating and managing sailing events and products around the world, Prow Group helps to build unique locations of sailing experiences. Places that are put on the map for their sailing portfolio.

A role to each brand

Founded in the reputation of the Companhia Náutica brand, the communication bases for each brand were established through the setting of some core assets: mission, vision, values, personality, style, and tone of communication.


The Prow Group is now ready to face the growing internationalization of its business areas. A group of brands with a shared sense of identity, yet with a more clear area of individual intervention.

From Companhia Náutica store façade to the Prow Group corporate website, everything is ready to set sail towards a promising future.


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