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Galáxia - A classic brand rises again

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Building with history

At the center of the Savoy Signature group rebranding we also developed, a new story rose from a great heritage. The Savoy Palace stands now in the Funchal skyline, already an icon, bringing together the best of Madeira with the best that the rest of the world has to offer, creating a global 5-star luxury experience.

This Palace was built atop a century of tradition of excellence in hospitality, a story with many chapters, made of many days and many nights. In the same place The Savoy Palace was built laid the first Savoy Hotel, and on the top of this first Savoy, shined the crown jewel of Madeira nightlife - the Galáxia. And it was time for it to shine again.


A new brand for new heights

The most recent iteration of Galáxia is divided into a “night & day” service approach, changing menus and environment accordingly in both the Sky Bar, the cocktail rooftop lounge, and the Sky Food, the dinning panoramic club. A new brand was necessary to express and position this expanding universe.

As the new Savoy Palace rose, so did the opportunity to take the legacy of the Galáxia brand name projecting it to the future with a new identity and look and feel. And also expressing Savoy Signature’s tradition of high-quality offer and service in food, cocktails, and entertainment.

Creating the brand of a true Madeira Island icon demanded us to search for its essence and express it in a sophisticated, contemporary fashion. Building a new classic for years to come.

Miguel Viana, Creative Director of Unlock Brands

Rise to the stars

The ambition to position the new Galáxia has the reference in the “rooftop” market in Madeira, leveling this Savoy Signature outlet with the best references around the world, inspired the development of the project and the brand revamping - from the beginning, it was meant to be an icon with only stars above it.

The UNLOCK moment

We knew we were branding a new icon, so from the moment we realised that we could represent the horizon of the Galáxia into its own monogram, we knew a new brand was rising to honour both the tradition and the ambition of this project.

A Celestial Monogram

To communicate the uniqueness we wanted to open the horizon of the Galáxia brand and create an identity that would detach from the Savoy Palace identity. The outlet’s brand will coexist with the brand of the hotel, sharing its codes of excellence but empowered by a sense of distinction to allow Galáxia to have its own presence and independent communication.

So to create a Monogram that organizes the dual nature of this outlet, we collided the letter G with the representation of celestial bodies in our very own Celestial Dome to communicate a unique identity - a symbol of elegance with the seal of excellence of Savoy Signature.

The look and feel rose of a combination of an Art Deco modernisation with a sophisticated photographic style laying over a unique color scheme: Cobalt, the color of the firmament, Copper, the color of Venus - the brightest and first star in the Madeira sky, and Dawn Blue, the color of new beginnings.


A Brand Identity that matches the ambition of being a global reference in rooftop dining and clubbing and honours the history of the name, propelling Galáxia into the future with the promise of “above us, only stars”.


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