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SFMS Changers — An event brand that replaces itself every edition

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A multi-national, multi-sectors, multi-cultures group

Sociedade Francisco Manuel dos Santos (SFMS) is a family holding company that manages a range of investments in distribution, manufacturing, agri-food, specialized retail, health care services, and citizenship and environmental areas.

The group employs more than 100 thousand people and serves directly more than 300 million people in various countries, such as Poland, Germany, Brazil, Colombia, and Portugal.


A singular event to engage with the management leadership

SFMS decided to create an annual event to gather its leadership. Sharing the knowledge from acclaimed speakers and organizing workshops to inspire them to embrace one of the most critical factors in today’s business management: change. Geopolitics, consumer trends, citizenship models, innovation practices, were the kind of subjects addressed.

A new brand was in hand. To make this event a must within the tight schedule of a high-level business manager. To feed a shared culture within the group.

This is one of those projects where we feel the brand is the perfect ignitor of new ways of thinking and doing. Impacting decision-makers and inspiring them to surpass both global challenges and themselves.

José Cerqueira, Head of Content of Unlock Brands

The naming says it all

Changers. That was the created naming for the annual event. Because that was just the role intended for each participant. To embrace change and to lead it on a daily basis.

An ever-changing logo

The brand SFSM Changers highlights the fact that change is not a variable, yet a constant element to consider when you are managing a business or an operation influenced by global factors, be it social, cultural, financial, health-related.

So the logo changes every year. As its message. Reminding every Changer that, to be efficient and proactive, one needs to keep changing as well.

2016. The first edition.

The different custom typeface combination highlights the message. This was the first edition, so the message was clear.
Black and white as the main colours, coexisting with blue, red, and purple, reinterpreted from the existing SFMS logotype.

2017. A new perspective.

The multiple perspectives on the subject of “change” inspired the creative development of the brand, with its 3D shapes all coming together to form the word “Changers”. This allowed a unique scenography design which made an impact on the experience of the event, from the conference stage to the workshops’ rooms.

The striking visual look and a thought-provoking tone of voice were also essential to engage the audience throughout all the event’s schedule.

2018. The citizen as a changer.

The citizenship-powered role of the consumer was the main theme. The creative solution for the brand reflects this metamorphosis, as all elements are portrayed as ever-changing, highlighting the starting point and the outcomes. The typeface design was inspired by this angle, with some engaging animated versions.

All the scenography and the space decoration reinforced this brand atmosphere, showcasing Change as a living organism.

2019. The power of plural.

Change faced as simultaneously human, natural, scientific, cultural, political, economical, technological. Plural. To fully understand Change we can not reduce it to one singular dimension.
The solution for the visual identity portrays this multitude of sides and angles. Change made of many changes.

Different words inspired the development of several textures, resulting in a vivid and bold visual universe, setting the tone for a memorable event.



SFMS Changers is on its way to its 5th edition. By the feedback the organisation gets at the end of each edition, the event has been a steady success. Always surprising its participants, always raising the bar for the next year.


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