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Staging Factory — From space to market value

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The booming real estate market

The huge increase of touristic flow to Portugal/Lisbon and the globalization of the “Airbnb” concept (Lisbon has overtaken Barcelona and Amsterdam in terms of local accommodation) have brought great opportunities for the real state investors and the hospitality market developers.

Optimizing properties to prospective buyers and maximizing ROID (Return on Interior Design) has become a key output of home staging and interior design services, and of Home Staging Factory in particular. Created in 2011, it was a breakthrough brand that paved the way for giving the potential consumer a glimpse into the dream lifestyle they wished and for allowing properties to stand out and get speedy rentals and sales.


To align the brand with the company's growth

After nine years in a dynamic and rapidly evolving industry, Home Staging Factory achieved an expanded offer scope and embraced new offer concepts addressing the real estate and hospitality market. And gained new breath and skills, asking for the need to rethink the brand itself: the name, once focused on a specific market, not the whole concept of hospitality; the visual identity, quite outdated and unable to communicate the true brand value proposition.


A brand inspired by the potential of space

“Investors think for themselves and Home Staging Factory thinks for the homebuyer” is the key principle widely stated and valued by the company’s clients. And it sums up Home Staging Factory´s mindset and approach: designing and staging a space is recognizing its full potential, coupled with the client’s needs. It threads a story, going beyond style. Each property holds a unique potential, each investor has its goals, each consumer holds a particular lifestyle and dream.

The new brand name and tagline Staging Factory - From Space to Value reaffirms the core value proposition and expands its scope (from Home Staging to Hospitality Interior Design).

The new visual identity holds a modular approach, representing the flexibility of the solution and the diversity of markets and users it serves. Staging Factory truly brings different insights, styles, textures, and colors aboard to create unique and singular solutions that maximize property value and client experience.

The colors are sophisticated and unveil an in-depth knowledge of color and atmosphere palette. The typeface is bold, as the brand expertise, and round, to communicate the bespoke and relational approach of the Staging Factory team.


The visual identity is the starting point to build every communication environment and a new way to communicate the brand approach and proposition.

All the key communication touchpoints (stationery, brochures, magazine, website, Staging Factory proposal presentation templates) were developed in order to create an inspiring brand expression palette.


Staging Factory has redefined and stated both the scope and excellence of its offer. It is now fully reassured to address the most demanding hospitality interior design projects and create the most inspiring and valuable spaces.


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